About us

At the EIS we think of ourselves as the team behind the team, delivering a range of performance-impacting solutions to Olympic and Paralympic sports along with a select number of non-Olympic sports through a nationwide network of expertise and facilities. The EIS strives to be the world’s leading institute of high performance sport.

The EIS is a grant funded organisation through UK Sport with Olympic and Paralympic sports engaging with the EIS through their World Class Programme funding from UK Sport and English and professional sports through their Sport England and/or funding bodies.

Since the inception of the EIS in 2002, it has worked with sports leading up to and during Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games and many National, European and World events in sport.

Team behind the team

The EIS are the team behind many of Great Britain’s most successful sports. Discover more about our practitioners and how they work.

Please click here to see the organisation’s Gender Pay Gap report (published March 2018).

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The EIS structure consists of two performance-focused strands, performance solutions and technical development, incorporating all aspects of EIS service delivery to sports underpinned by operations and business services teams.

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The EIS has its own independent board, chaired by John Steele, providing strategic direction to the organisation as well as considering and directing recommendations put forward by UK Sport.

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