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Team behind the team

We are the team behind many of Great Britain's most successful sports. Our employees have more than 1,100 years of collective experience and work across more than 10 areas of expertise to provide a range of sport science and medical services to improve the health, fitness, training, preparation and ultimately the performance of elite athletes.

Performance Focused

The EIS structure consists of two performance-focused strands, performance solutions and technical development, incorporating all aspects of EIS service delivery to sports underpinned by operations and business services teams.

350 +
Staff Members

High quality practitioners


Our practitioners help coaches and Performance Directors to improve the performance of their athletes by delivering services which enable them to optimise training programmes, maximise performances in competition and improve the health and wellbeing of athletes. Continuously developing the expertise and capabilities of our practitioners is critical to the ongoing success of the organisation and we place a great deal of emphasis on creating opportunities for EIS employees at all levels to extend their knowledge and expertise and, at the same time, acquire the skills required to have a successful career in high performance sport.


350 employees

Working across more than 10 areas of expertise

1100 years

Collective practitioner experience

EIS Culture

The EIS aims to foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development. We are improving the systems we have in place to collect, share and disseminate leading-edge thinking and practice across all areas of expertise. This ensures practitioners have access to the latest developments in sport science and sport medicine both in their own area of expertise and those with cross-disciplinary applications.

Our employees are also given opportunities to attend and speak at conferences and events around the world and develop relations with globally-renowned experts. This culture of personal development combined with a rigorous focus on professional advancement brings huge benefits to the athletes and coaches we work with and provides them with ongoing access to practitioners that are continually developing their capabilities and increasing their level of expertise they are able to provide to sports and National Governing Bodies (NGB’s).

View the video below where EIS Director of Science and Technical Development Kevin Currell speaks about the importance of developing practitioners and continually improving the people who work inside the organisation.