How we do it

Performance Innovation

Whether it's innovative research, unique collaborations or developments through the EIS Performance Innovation team, sports working with the EIS benefit from its ongoing drive to stay at the forefront of science, medicine, technology and engineering to improve sporting performance.

The Performance Innovation team is closely aligned with the EIS Performance teams and works with them to help practitioners address specific performance issues or deploy technology and engineering to develop kit, equipment or new approaches to help athletes achieve the tiny improvements in performance that can be the difference between winning and losing. All projects delivered by the Performance Innovation team are performance-led and the scope of work covers anything from the research, design and development of a new piece of equipment to new research to help better understand specific issues and achieve breakthroughs in training science, performance medicine and coaching equipment and technologies.

Watch our interview with EIS Director of Performance Innovation Matt Parker on his role, the expertise his team is made up of and what his focus areas are moving towards Tokyo 2020.