How we do it

Optimising Training Programmes

Ensuring athletes have a training programme which enables them to be in peak condition for major competitions is a critically important part of the services provided by the EIS to sports.

Under the leadership of a coach or Performance Director, our approach to training programmes ensures sports have the right level and blend of practitioner expertise to enable their athletes to optimise training and deliver improvements in performance.

For example, a training programme to increase an athlete’s power may include input from a Strength & Conditioning Coach, a Physiotherapist, a Nutritionist and a Physiologist. This team’s knowledge and expertise would combine to develop a regime that included exercises to improve strength and power, prehabilitation work to protect those parts of the body that will come under most strain, advice and guidance on nutrition and a system of monitoring and measuring to assess the impact of the programme.

This work would take place on home soil or alternatively warm weather training camps and may also include taking athletes to train at altitude to help their bodies acclimatise to conditions they expect to face during competition. Alternatively, these altitude conditions can be re-created in the EIS laboratories where physiologists manipulate the training environment to replicate the effects of altitude or reproduce the atmospheric conditions an athlete can expect to face in competition.