How we do it

Performance Planning & Leadership

At the EIS we think of ourselves as 'the team behind the team' and aim to provide sports, coaches and athletes with the best package of support, delivered by the best people in the best possible environment.
Managing the Sport-EIS Relationship

Our job is to increase the probability of an athlete being successful. Our approach to doing this is based on creating a partnership with the sports whereby EIS practitioners are embedded into the daily training routine of the athletes to provide them with the science, medical and technology support they need to achieve improvements in performance. Our relationships with a sport are headed-up by a Head of Performance Support. They are a team of people with a technical background in performance science, medicine and coaching who serve as the primary contact between the EIS and a sport and work together to develop a Performance Partnership Plan (PPP) for the sport.

If you would like to view the profiles of the EIS Heads of Performance Support, please click here.


Performance Planning

The starting point of every PPP is to work with the head coach or Performance Director and establish ‘What It Takes To Win’ for their athletes. This would be based on both the expert opinion of the coach and analysis of the technical indicators required to be successful in a particular event or discipline. Once this has been set, the goal of winning is then broken down into a prioritised plan to address optimisation of training, preparation for competition and improving the health and wellbeing of the athlete or squad. A series of measurable technical indicators for each component of the plan is identified to enable coaches and practitioners to evaluate success and track progress.


Service Integration

The PPP sets the agenda for a performance support team of practitioners working with athletes and coaches on a day-to-day basis at one of the ten EIS High Performance Centres or many partner sites. The EIS also travels with teams to training camps and competitions at home and overseas. As well as practitioner work programmes, the PPP directs all other support to a sport including Performance Innovation and other projects to ensure alignment of work efforts. The loop is then completed as the PPP reports back on the performance impact of all involved and the contribution of development activities within EIS.