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Helen Nicholls
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Chris Wagg

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Physiotherapy & soft tissue therapy

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Performance Analysis

The EIS practitioners who work with the GB Boccia Federation are based at EIS Sheffield and Bisham Abbey. These practitioners predominantly support the programme during their monthly performance camps and mini-camps which are held across the UK. The EIS also provide support out of other EIS high performance centres to support the local requirements of GB Boccia’s athletes.

A holistic package of sport science and medical support has been put in place by the sport which truly embraces the potential that science and medicine has to offer.

The EIS practitioners working within the sport are considered world class experts in their field by GB Boccia Federation. Their knowledge and insight has been developed over a sustained period of applied work alongside the GB Boccia Performance Coaches. Uniquely, the EIS’s Chris Wagg has a dual role as both Performance Analyst and Technical Coach on the programme.

EIS medical support services play an important role in supporting a squad with a range of disabilities, some degenerative, to identify and manage possible threats to performance and to further understand where an athlete’s performance edge can be developed. The EIS physiotherapists have developed expertise in athlete classification issues, supporting many of GB Boccia’s athletes through successfully international classification assessments.

Performance Analysis has also been used extensively on the programme to better understand and identify what it takes to win in Boccia and the underlying components of performance. This has seen the sport develop a comprehensive performance model. The performance model is applied through the sport’s Individual Athlete Planning cycle and is being embedded within the Boccia Performance Pathway to inform more effective identification and development of the UK’s best medal prospects for 2020 and beyond.