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Rob McCracken
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Tom Stanton

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Sports Medicine

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Physiotherapy & soft tissue therapy

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Performance Analysis

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Performance Lifestyle

GB Boxing has enjoyed significant success in recent years and the EIS is proud to be supporting the team.

EIS practitioners are fully integrated into the GB Boxing support teams for both the men’s and women’s programmes,  working closely with the coaches and boxers on a daily basis at the sport’s Sheffield base and away at training camps and competitions around the world.

Boxers requires high levels of physical fitness including strength and speed, with Strength and Conditioning services enabling athletes to train at a high intensity, complemented by Sport Medicine, Physiotherapy and Soft tissue therapy support, which implement a range of injury prevention strategies whilst also providing rehabilitation support as required.

Performance Psychology plays a valuable role in helping athletes prepare for the pressure of competition, with Performance Lifestyle support also enabling athletes to develop broader skills to cope with both the demands of being elite athletes and prepare for life after sport.

A new service which was put in place for the Rio cycle, Physiology, is helping the programme understand how the athletes’ body functions and respond to training and competition, whilst Performance Analysis is once again providing valuable support to the Boxers and their coaches in allowing them to analyse their own performance, and that of their opponents.