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Performance Director
Alexei Evangulov
Head of Performance Support
Adam Sotheran

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Sports Medicine

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Physiotherapy & Soft tissue therapy

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Strength & Conditioning

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Performance Lifestyle

The EIS provides a range of support services to the GB Diving team delivered predominantly from the Divers training bases in Leeds, London, Plymouth and Sheffield.

Enhancing the work of the Divers alongside their coaches, EIS sport science and medicine practitioners are fully integrated within the GB Diving world class programme.

Balanced against the needs of the sport, Strength and Conditioning aims to help the athlete, coach and support team understand the gap between physical condition and the needs of a specific dive or event, whilst Physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy support helps to keep the athletes healthy and able to maximise the volume and impact of their training.

Athletes also benefit from Psychology and Performance Lifestyle support, with practitioners working closely with the athletes, coaches and support staff to minimise potential concerns, conflicts and distractions, all of which can be detrimental to performance.

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