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Jan Bartu
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Chris Price

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Pentathlon GB athletes access a wide range of English Institute of Sport (EIS) support services which are delivered predominantly from the EIS base at the University of Bath.

The EIS has worked closely with Pentathlon GB since 2001 and therefore become embedded across all areas of the programme whereby practitioners work closely alongside the sports coaches to ensure an integrated approach.

As a multi-event sport, Modern Pentathlon demands extraordinary physical and psychological capabilities from its athletes who undertake considerable hours of training to develop the attributes needed to succeed.

Due to the volume of training and varying demands that come with preparing for a multi-sport environment, injury and illness prevention programmes are a prerequisite which is why EIS practitioners are a vital part of the set-up. Huge emphasis goes into helping the athletes adapt to training because Modern Pentathlon is a highly technical sport. This is crucial in order to help pentathletes optimise skill development across the swimming, fencing, show jumping, laser shooting and running disciplines that make up the sport.

The EIS supports Modern Pentathlon athletes to help them find solutions for all performance related issues and discover what it takes to win at the elite level to help ensure continued and sustainable success at the Olympic Games and World Championships.

Pentathlon GB National Performance Director Jan Bartu says: “The Pentathlon GB World Class Programme has been collaborating closely with the EIS for many years, with both Pentathlon GB and EIS practitioners continuously working towards our primary objective of creating a holistic approach to athlete support in the full time training environment.

“There have been some significant achievements to be proud of and learn from over the years. The professionalism and expertise of the EIS staff has contributed strongly to winning Olympic medals and I am positive our mutually beneficial cooperation will continue to help us achieve further success in the future.”