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The English Institute of Sport (EIS) provide strong support across a number of sport science and medicine disciplines to Great Britain’s podium and development rowers, with services provided predominantly from Bisham Abbey or at the nearby Caversham-based training centre..

There is close cooperation between the EIS and GB Rowing across all areas which is highlighted by the recent appointment of Performance Director Sir David Tanner, who has masterminded the sport through its richest ever period of success, to the Board of the EIS.

EIS Strength and Conditioning coaches work closely alongside the sports technical coaches to ensure athletes remain as robust as possible in order to maintain their high volume of water based training, whilst three EIS physiotherapists provide invaluable support in order to keep athletes in shape.

EIS Physiology support is provided in close collaboration with NGB practitioners, with testing both in the lab and in the field allowing the athlete and coach to objectively monitor what impact a particular session has had on the body.

Performance Lifestyle support also plays a key role in ensuring that rowers are mentally prepared for training and competition.