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The EIS provide a significant level of support to British Skeleton, who are based at the EIS High Performance Centre at the University of Bath.

This support extends to key training camps and competitions overseas, with EIS staff embedded across all areas of British Skeleton.

What are the specific technical requirements of your sport?

Skeleton involves the navigation of 16 corners over approx. 1400 metres at gradients of up to 20% in the fastest possible time with no brakes.

Raw physical qualities include:
– Strength
– Power
– Ability to accelerate

Technical qualities include:
– Sense of feeling and body awareness
– Fine body coordination
– Ability to absorb speed up to 140kph head first
– Memory banking and recall
– Intuitive decision making

What are the main ways in which sport science and medicine (SSSM) is deployed to deliver performance improvements in your sport?

Sport science and sport medicine support is deployed by a team with expertise designed to deliver support to the coaching framework and an athlete’s short and long-term development.

Critical to an athlete’s development is their integration into and the support they receive in delivery on an athlete plan.

Can you give examples of this?

In the planning formulation process, the coach and athlete identify performance impacting problems or issues and discuss these to try and unearth the real cause. At this point SSSM expertise is sourced to support the collective development of interventions. Interventions might range from addressing a fear of failure when on the start block to accessing performance corrective eye wear.

 Any recent successes or achievements in your sport?

2014 Olympic Gold (Lizzy Yarnold)
2015 World Gold (Lizzy Yarnold)
2016 Youth Olympic Gold (Ashleigh Fay Pittaway)
2017 World Bronze (Lizzy Yarnold)

Watch our video below detailing some of the support the EIS provides to GB Skeleton and how it impacts on performance.