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The EIS has worked with British Triathlon since 2002 and predominantly delivers support to athletes at the Loughborough and Leeds University bases as well as other bases, including Helen Jenkins in Bridgend in conjunction with Sport Wales in Cardiff.

The EIS are part of British Triathlon’s support team and are integrated within the programme, often travelling away to training camps and competitions as part of their roles.

The sport has required a breadth of expertise from specialist rehabilitation programmes and injury prevention work to Performance Lifestyle becoming established within the programme.

Britain’s Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee has suffered challenging injuries in recent years where the EIS teams have helped support him with his rehabilitation programmes.

Performance Nutrition and Physiology support services have also played an integral part within the sport. Performance Nutrition strategies within training as well as race-day tactics have continued to develop and the altitude work and athlete profiles within the physiology lab as well as in-the-field have continued to input into coaches’ decision making.