Strategic Priorities

The EIS vision is to be the world leading high performance institute and we are grateful to have government support which enables us to continue to build a high performance institute that delivers success.

In the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic cycle we will build on our strengths whilst at the same time pioneer in areas that have been identified as game-changers in sport science, medicine, technology and engineering.

Focussing on those areas we have identified as of strategic importance going forward will ensure that we continue to impact on success through pioneering development and delivery of science, medicine and technology. To do this we need to recruit, retain and develop an exceptional workforce that work collaboratively with coaches to deliver what it takes to win.  We also need to work with sports to optimise the health and wellbeing of athletes for training and competition whilst also fulfilling our duty of care responsibility. All of this, underpinned by operational excellence and strong governance will ensure the development of an Institute network that positively impacts on medal success and is well regarded worldwide.

Managing Targeted Sports

In partnerships with NGB’s, provide effective and efficient performance leadership and governance to targeted World Class Programmes.

Operational Excellence

Provide robust and agile support to performance through operational excellence and strong governance.

Added Value Partnerships

Drive an approach to marketing and commercial partnerships which secures additional resources.

Prioritising Athlete Health

Optimise Athlete Health and Wellbeing to minimise time loss and maximise performance in training and competition through informed decision making.

Exceptional Development

Work in partnership with sports to attract, inspire and retain exceptional people to excel in the high performance system.

Partnering With Coaches

Partner with coaches to enable them to effectively utilise science, medicine, data and technology to help more athletes win more medals.

Performance Innovation

Cultivate an environment that enables athletes to gain a performance advantage through novel application of ideas.

World Class Delivery

Deliver and develop world leading frontline support to achieve ‘What it takes to Win’.