What we do

EIS practitioners help coaches and Performance Directors to improve the performance of their athletes by delivering services which enable them to optimise training programmes, maximise performance in competition and improve health and wellbeing.

The country's largest provider of sport science, medicine and technology, the EIS also provides a range of added-value benefits to the sports we work with including world-class performance environments and access to cutting edge innovation and research.

The EIS has worked with

Rio 2016

Olympic And Paralympic Games

The EIS are the team behind many of Great Britain’s most successful sports. In the Rio cycle we worked with 93% of the athletes and 31 of the 34 sports that won a medal for Team GB and Paralympics GB at the Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

31 / 34
of medal winning sports
93 %
of medallists

Performance Innovation

Whether it's innovative research, unique collaborations or developments through the EIS R&I team, sports working with the EIS benefit from its ongoing drive to stay at the forefront of…

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Performance Environments

Our sites are operated in conjunction with a range of partners, including Sport England, local authorities and Universities.

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