What we do

Added value

Discover how the EIS works together through knowledge sharing and provides a range of added benefits for the athletes, coaches and NGB's we work with.

Knowledge sharing

EIS knowledge sharing is simple, its about the Institute working together to solve problems by fast tracking knowledge and expertise to those that need it when they need it.

Facilitated by the dedicated Performance Knowledge team, our expertise networks and collaboration tools, it allows our high performance system to stay ahead of the rest.

By future-proofing our performance through the power of knowledge sharing we will continue to be the world leader in sport science, medicine and technology delivery to elite sport.

Our Performance Knowledge core values are to:
Share, Support and Succeed together. This allows us to always be greater than the sum of our individual parts. Practitioners within the Institute are supported by our multidisciplinary knowledge sharing as 350 heads, learning, sharing and solving together are always better than one.

Performance Environments

Through it’s network of ten High Performance Centres across England, the EIS is able to provide athletes and coaches with access to high quality facilities that are specifically designed for elite athletes.

Our sites are operated in conjunction with a range of partners, including Sport England, local authorities and Universities.

Quality Practitioners

Our employees have more than 1,100 years collective experience in the delivery of performance impacting sport science, medicine, technology and engineering to elite sport. Continuously developing the expertise and capabilities of our practitioners is critical to the ongoing success of the organisation and we place a great deal of emphasis on creating opportunities for EIS employees at all levels to extend their knowledge and expertise and, at the same time, acquire the skills required to have a successful career in high performance sport.

Innovation & applying a cutting edge

Whether it’s innovative research, unique collaborations or developments through the EIS Performance Innovation team, sports working with the EIS benefit from its ongoing drive to stay at the forefront of science, medicine, technology and engineering to improve sporting performances.

The Performance Innovation team closely aligned with the EIS performance teams and works with them to help practitioners address specific performance issues or deploy technology and engineering to develop kit, equipment or new approaches to help athletes achieve the tiny improvements in performance that can be the difference between winning and losing.

All projects delivered by the Performance Innovation team are performance-led and the scope of work covers anything from the research, design and development of a new piece of equipment to new research to hlep better understand specific issues and achieve breakthroughs in training science, performance medicine and coaching equipment and technologies.

Access to world leading expertise

In addition to our 350 employees the EIS also has links with a host of external associates which provide the organisation with access to an unrivalled level of expertise on sport science, medicine, technology and engineering. It enables practitioners to seek advice, share knowledge and call-upon expertise from inside and outside of the organisation to help address issues and develop performance solutions.

This includes access to a team of Special Advisors and the EIS’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which was established in 2013. The TAG is a collection of world-renowned experts from high performance sport and provides technical support and advice to the Board of the EIS and our practitioners.

It acts as a strategic sounding board for the organisation and provides connections and access to other world leading networks, institutions and individuals that practitioners can contact for help and advice.